Saturday, December 6, 2014


Even though I've heard on the TV news that, "there's nothing you can do to get better mileage", THERE ARE MANY THINGS WE CAN DO to get MUCH BETTER MILEAGE!  The main thing is make & install a GASOLINE VAPORIZER & a HYDROGEN GENERATOR,  TOGETHER.   You will find they work BEST if the gas from the GENERATOR goes into the gas vaporizer near the bottom to heat the gasoline to keep it warm & vaporizing faster & it would push the combination of the 2 gases out of the top (through another hose) & into the intake (only while the engine is running of course).  When sufficient amounts of this is going in then the in-tank fuel pump or fuel injectors would not be needed!  You could use an in-line fuel pump-it would require as much energy.  The energy that had been used for the fuel pump could then power the HYDROGEN GENERATOR & A RELAY would not be needed!  This WILL cause vehicles to get MUCH, MUCH BETTER MILEAGE!  To see how others made these, see: Location

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Amazing Suppressed Secrets

I just recently come across this website with some amazing suppressed secrets (some of which could be helpful to many): Also remember, you can be an effective gospel tract evangelist with the help of: Also, why not help me get this valuable information to others as you can? To help yourself & others save fuel explore this website that the big oil companies hope you don't DO anything about even when you find out the truth: I make & install HYDROGEN GENERATORS & GASOLINE VAPORIZERS in COMBINATION-my UNIQUE design.  You can see people that have made both of these with different designs at:   If you know how, you don't need a efie with a hho generator. Synthetic lubricants also help you get better mpg!  HHO generators not only help people get 50-100%+ better mpg, but more power, & less pollution. You can make your own for much less than $100 (at this time).  I hope to have a ministry YOU TUBE channel soon-as soon as I can afford to get the gadget to do it with.  Our ministry is a ministry to teach people HOW TO SAVE & PROSPER & be in optimum HEALTH (SPIRITUALLY & PHYSICALLY-UNLESS it isn't HIS will) GOD'S WAY!  I hope to give the details on YOU TUBE soon.  Will AT LEAST one person be willing & able to help me to be able to help MILLIONS of others in NEED?  You may email me @:   PLEASE READ & HEED I John 1 v. 17 & ACT for JESUS.  REMEMBER:  WE SERVE JESUS BY SERVING OTHERS IN HIS NAME!

Friday, January 17, 2014


2 SIMPLE STEPS.  #1 Pay the $95.00 tax if necessary (if you declare "tax exempt" on a W-4 no inc. tax is to be with help)-why not?  #2. Learn the secrets of health & more-detailed here:   Many more VALUABLE AMAZING SECRETS below.  Also notice info. to the right & scroll down to find out mpg & other secrets.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

How to beat OBAMACARE

 Pay the tax if necessary & learn how to stay well if you are & how to get well if you aren't.  Details of this & more at:

Saturday, September 17, 2011


Welcome to the homepage of Wendell Lee Ferrell. THIS IS A UNIQUE MINISTRY WEBSITE. I hope to minister to BILLIONS worldwide with this website, BUT I NEED YOUR HELP. PLEASE SHARE THIS SITE(or info. on it) with as MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN (on twitter & facebook below) FOR OUR MUTUAL BENEFIT! To view my complete profile, scroll down until you see "View my complete profile" (on the right) & click there.(I Reveal a LOT of Amazing VALUABLE Suppressed Secrets). Click on all that interest you for details. I like to help people. To help you, I refer you to some amazing websites like(please EXPLORE): Remember, the most important thing in life is to LIVE for JESUS CHRIST, FILLED with the Holy Spirit & WALKING IN THE SPIRIT(for details EXPLORE: We need to remember that we serve GOD by serving OTHERS according to their needs & our ability & our GREATEST need is spiritual, BUT MANY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING & DYING SPIRITUALLY & PHYSICALLY for LACK of KNOWLEDGE! MUCH VALUABLE KNOWLEDGE can be discovered in my profile. Why not start with "SECRETS TO BETTER MPG"  by clicking:  or to explore "HEALTH SECRETS" just click here: To discover some VERY VALUABLE SECRETS about JUSTICE, explore here: