Thursday, November 27, 2014

Amazing Suppressed Secrets

I just recently come across this website with some amazing suppressed secrets (some of which could be helpful to many): Also remember, you can be an effective gospel tract evangelist with the help of: Also, why not help me get this valuable information to others as you can? To help yourself & others save fuel explore this website that the big oil companies hope you don't DO anything about even when you find out the truth: I make & install HYDROGEN GENERATORS & GASOLINE VAPORIZERS in COMBINATION-my UNIQUE design.  You can see people that have made both of these with different designs at:   If you know how, you don't need a efie with a hho generator. Synthetic lubricants also help you get better mpg!  HHO generators not only help people get 50-100%+ better mpg, but more power, & less pollution. You can make your own for much less than $100 (at this time).  I hope to have a ministry YOU TUBE channel soon-as soon as I can afford to get the gadget to do it with.  Our ministry is a ministry to teach people HOW TO SAVE & PROSPER & be in optimum HEALTH (SPIRITUALLY & PHYSICALLY-UNLESS it isn't HIS will) GOD'S WAY!  I hope to give the details on YOU TUBE soon.  Will AT LEAST one person be willing & able to help me to be able to help MILLIONS of others in NEED?  You may email me @:   PLEASE READ & HEED I John 1 v. 17 & ACT for JESUS.  REMEMBER:  WE SERVE JESUS BY SERVING OTHERS IN HIS NAME!

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